Bello Boopie supports our small business community.  We refuse to sell on Amazon or to any Big Box Retail store.  Through this initiative, we are able to help small stationery stores, coffee shops, and retailers succeed without worrying about the competition


  • Zip Code Protection.  This protects our exclusivity of cards to one store in your area
  • No minimum quantity.  This allows you to tailor your inventory without having to risk taking losses on unsold items
  • Minimum Opening Order: $200, Minimum Re-order: $100
  • Retailers receive 50% off all our Cards that don't suck!

The Process

  • Upon review and acceptance, Bello Boopie Inc will set up an account, and send you an invitation to create your password.
  • An opening discount code will be emailed to the address on file.
  • Upon completion of your first order, a discount code will be sent for any subsequent re-orders.
  • All discount codes will be linked to the information on file.