Arts and Crafts Market Terms and Conditions


 Market Rules

  1. Upon Acceptance, Vendor Fee's must be paid within 48 hours of invoicing.  Failure to pay within the allotted time will result in forfeit of acceptance.
  2. Vendor must be set up and selling for the entire duration of the market. Break down of spots will not be permitted until after that last guest leaves the property.
  3. No Refunds will be issued. 
  4. Vendors are responsible for any and all information that is conveyed in the facebook group dedicated to existing vendors.
  5. Vendors agree to utilize all social media to make the public aware about the event.  Failure to even post on social media will result in a violation of these terms and conditions and your spot will be given to a vendor who can/will help their fellow vendors.  No refund will be given for violation of terms and conditions.
  6. Tents are optional, but encouraged.  Due to wind liability, all tents must have a minimum of 40lbs per leg.  This is strictly enforced. We do check, and if you lied on your application, you will be still allowed to vend without a tent.
  7. Fee's are non-transferable to any future markets.

Market Information

Outdoor Spots:

  1. A 10 foot x 10 foot space is provided. Vendor shall provide all applicable product, displays, tables, tents, etc.  Things Very Special, Inc. does not supply anything other than a 10 foot by 10 foot space.
  2. Electricity, water, and WiFi are not available to outdoor vendors.
  3. Due to liability reasons, any tents must have a minimum of 40 lbs per leg. Unsecured tents will not be permitted at the market.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!  Vendor must supply all hardware necessary to properly secure their tent and product.  Jax Antique Market, Inc. and the Property Owners reserve the right to refuse Vendors due to liability.

 Indoor Spots:

  1. Indoors spots will have limited availability to electricity and WiFi.
  2. Tables will be provided unless previously arranged, by Jax Antique Market, Inc. Display space is limited only to the table assigned.  Large pieces of furniture will not be permitted as “displays.”
  3. Jax Antique Market, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any display items deemed incompatible with Vendor space assigned.
  4. Vendor is responsible for any linens, display props and any other materials needed other than a table.

 All Vendors:

  1. Vendor shall obtain all required permits, licenses or approvals and shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and ordinances applicable to their activities related to this Market. Vendor must furnish copies of all required permits, licenses or approvals for vending if requested by Jax Antique Market, Inc. Owners of the Property, or City and State Officials. Jax Antique Market, Inc. is not responsible for sales tax collected during events.
  2. Many events are scheduled to be open as a rain or shine event. No refunds will be issued for inclement weather.

Cancellation Policy

While we understand things happen at the last minute, our cancellation policy is as follows:

Vendors who cancel within 7 days of the market will be placed on the wait list for the next applicable market.

When a vendor cancels last minute, we are empty one spot which affects the visibility of the market.  


I hereby agree that:

  1. I covenant not to sue or make any demand against the Releasees (Jax Antique Market, Inc and the Property Owners) for any Harm I may incur that arises out of or relates to the Market, and further release and forever discharge the Releasees from any and all claim, demand, or cause of action, in law or equity, known or unknown, fixed or contingent, under any theory whatsoever, that I may ever have against the Releasees that arises out of or relates to the Market.
  2. I will hold the Releasees harmless from any claim, demand, or cause of action, including one arising out of the Releasees’ own negligence, by whomever and wherever brought, that arises out of or is in any way related to the Market. And further, I will indemnify the Releasees for any monetary assessment or cost, including attorneys’ fees, imposed on or incurred by them as a result of any such claim, demand or cause of action, but only if due to my own negligence.